If you wanna look like a dragon, then it’s really none of my business but whatever floats your boat right?

This is Eva Tiamat Baphomet Medusa, who prefers to be called ‘it’.

It is a a 55-year-old transgender former banker from Arizona who recently had both ears removed in an attempt to actually become a dragon.

It was born Richard Hernandez, it became Eva Medusa, and now it’s becoming a dragon!

It has had tooth extraction surgery, horns implanted on its forehead, its nose modified to resemble Voldermort’s, scarification on its face and chest to resemble reptilian scales, its tongue split, and a load of tattoos, including his whole face.

It also has no gender because it had its penis removed through a procedure called a penectomy, as well as castration which involves the removal of the balls.



I personally think it looks great and he would fit right in if I invited it over for a nice family dinner.