Chick-Fli-A has defended their slogan many times before and has usually won the fight. Worried about business being taken from them, Chick-Fil-A has threatened artist Bo Muller-Moore’s T-shirt business. The phrases may seem similar but possess completely different messages. ‘Eat More Kale’ is an attempt to spread the trend of buying from local agriculture producers, which is a very wise movement to support. Kale is a healthy vegetable which in this story is produced by a local farmer in Vermont. Although Chick-Fli-A doesn’t seem to be backing down,  it is obvious that this entrepreneur is ready for battle and will defend his product till the end. If it was up to me, Kale distributors would take over every Chick-Fli-A in the country to help solve our obesity problem. This article topic is worth researching!  [HuffingtonPost]