The Chicago Bulls have lost a key member of there team due to a fractured elbow.

Bulls guard Dwayne Wade will miss the remainder of the season with a small fracture and sprain in his right elbow.

“It wasn’t the worst-case scenario,” Wade said after Thursday’s practice. “Not a good scenario. But kind of what I thought. I told them that I heard a ‘pop, pop,’ and I kind of said that [Wednesday night], and it was pretty much a dislocation at the time, and it went back in, so kind of dealing with the aftermath of what that looks like. This is what it looks like.”

Wade’s injury happened in the fourth quarter of the Bulls loss to the Memphis Grizzlies.

“I mean, it was a fractured bone and some ligament damage,” Wade said. “Technical terms would be a sprain or whatever, but things like that. … But the good thing about it is it did go back in. Obviously it’s a big injury in baseball when it comes to baseball and pitchers — the Tommy John word that everyone in baseball and pitchers are afraid of — so it was big in that way, but I was lucky that it went back in, and now the biggest thing is about protecting it, making sure it heals the right way, so I can get back to my football passes on the basketball court.”

“I’ll probably have to wear this [cast] for two weeks, but I have to take it off to do my rehab and stuff,” he said. “Doc really wants me to make sure that it heals right, so I think this [cast] will be about a two-weeker, but I go back in a week, get another X-ray, see how everything is healing and go from there.”

“It sucks,” Wade said of his injury. “It’s unfortunate. It’s not the way I would have written it, but it is what it is. I’ll just move past it, I’ll get better. No surgery. That’s one thing that I’m happy about. And I’ll just rehab it, get back on the court hopefully at the end of this year or [to start] next year.”

The Bulls chances of making the playoffs have taken a big hit with the loss of Wade.