I wasn’t going to post this video after I saw it Sunday morning…  I don’t like violence, and I don’t like Chinatown late at night… It is a pretty rough place.. Its basically where any drunk fuck from Southie or Dorchester go to score coke and whores at 2 am, an hour after the lame as bars close around here…   This is what a bunch of drunks like this do for fun, most likely because the bars close at 1 am..

Either way.. Dude brings out an aluminum baseball bat and just starts leveling motherf*ckers right in the street..  Clubs the first guy like a baby seal….   Holy shit… What kind of drugs are these guys on..? I dunno,  but they got right back up…  Seriously how about the balls on that guy though? Yeah I know he had a bat, but it was 1 on 10.  I mean if they managed to pull him out of his car at the end he may be dead right now. Instead he’ll have to go down as one of the biggest bad asses on the planet.   Just wrecking people.  I’ll see your traffic cone and raise you a bat to the skull. Thats how you street fight..