The first video released of the 33 men trapped deep in a Chilean copper mine shows the men stripped to the waist and appearing slim but healthy, arm-in-arm, singing the national anthem and yelling “long live Chile, and long live the miners!”

Only about five minutes of what is reportedly a 45-minute video was released late Thursday by Television Nacional de Chile via the Chilean government.

The men made the video with a small camera sent down to them through a small emergency shaft drilled to their emergency shelter deep in the San Jose mine.

The grainy, night-vision images show some men standing, others lying down and apparently just waking up. One man proudly displays the way they have organized the living room-sized shelter where they took refuge after a landslide trapped them Aug. 5. They also showed off areas outside the shelter where they can walk around.

An animated miner gives a guided tour through the ample space where the men have plenty of room to stand and lie down. He shows where the men meet and pray daily and points out the “little cup to brush our teeth.”

Raw Video from inside the mine in Chile, showing you the living conditions and spirit of the trapped workers.

Families Write Letters to the men that who are trapped….

They might be trapped till Christmas due to lack of funding… – The 33 miners trapped by a cave-in at a mine in northern Chile have been told they may be stuck underground for four more months.

“We were able to tell them … they would not be rescued before the Fiestas Patrias [Chile’s September 18 Independence Day celebrations], and that we hoped to get them out before Christmas,” Health Minister Jaime Manalich said Wednesday, according to Agence France-Presse. He added that the men — who are trapped 2,300 feet below the surface — didn’t panic after hearing the timetable, but warned that they could suffer “a period of depression, anguish and severe malaise” in the coming days.

Speaking to the men via a microphone lowered into the mine, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera promised to reunite the workers with their families. “Mr. President,” said the miners’ leader Luis Urzua, according to the BBC, “we need you to be strong and to rescue us as soon as possible. Don’t abandon us.”

“You will not be left alone, you have not been alone,” Pinera responded. “The government is with you all, the entire country is with you all.”

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