The Doctor wants his money

Besides playing shuffle board at the local old rapper’s home, Dr. Dre has been busy with something else lately, a lawsuit.  Dr. Dre claims he has not seen one single royalty check from his ever popular record “The Chronic” since as far back as 1996!  In the lawsuit, Dre claims that he stopped receiving payments from his former label Death Row Records over 14 years ago.  Dr. Dre goes on to say that Death Row has been making a fortune selling digital copies of  “The Chronic” as well as his greatest hits “Chronic Re-lit” without his permission.

Why did it take old Dre so long to file a lawsuit you ask?

Well truth be told, Death row isn’t the company it used to be in the 90’s. Most importantly, Suge Knight is out of the picture. So your odds of actually living through the lawsuit to collect your money are a hell of a lot more likely than they were before thus making the lawsuit a worthwhile pursuit for the good Dr.  Dre is suing Death Row Records for a minimum of $75,000 which should sustain his unquenchable thirst for 40’s and ho’s at least for a couple more weeks.