Everyone knows their A/C is their biggest user of energy, now what to do about it?  

There's a better way to keep it cool this summer!


Luckily, in the midst of this unbearable summer heat, a new product has hit the residential housing sector harder than a 1980’s Mike Tyson knockout punch!  

It is called Sunfire Attic Shield, a maintenance free silver metallic form of insulation. The same product used in space to insulate and protect the astronauts and important electrical equipment like satellites, space-suits and the space station. You see, in the radiation filled vacuum of space, other forms of insulation like blown-in and pink panther would be worthless and worst of all, in your home, they lose their efficiencies over time.  

This insulation is the first of its kind that is installed on the underside of the roof, to the truss, not just over the ceiling. This means that the heat can’t even enter your attic in the first place, lower temperatures and dropping heating and A/C costs by up to 50%. It will never settle, lose efficiency or be eaten by termites or rodents. This product is so efficient that just a thin sheet of Sunfire Attic Shield protects your home and delivers more energy savings than a 7-foot thick piece of conventional insulation.  

Sunfire Attic Shield is designed to stop over 97% of radiant heat transfer and by keeping the house like a cooler, your A/C will only need to be running about 50% of the time than is currently required to battle the high temperatures of a Florida summer. The main reason for these remarkable savings is due to the fact that there is no longer heat entering your home warming up your thermostat and A/C ducts.  

This amazing product even works in the winter to save you money by keeping the warmth in when you flip that heat on to take away the chill. IT IS BY FAR THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO SOUTH FLORIDA HOMES AND BUSINESSES SINCE THE AIR CONDITIONER.  

To learn more about pricing, financing, eligibility of tax credits (up to $1500) and product information call me now at 954.235.9911. Who can’t afford a $50 per month payment if you’re saving a $100 per month from your local utility company. Make money; increase your home’s value; protect yourself against rising energy rates, and do something great for the environment! Go Green Today! Call Me Now!!!  

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