The Oakland Press – Seven years ago, Brad and Amy Davis’ first dog — a 6-month-old Weimaraner puppy named Jake — disappeared from their Orion Township backyard. Days, weeks and months and finally years went by with no sign that Jake would ever return. So when The Davis` got a call Tuesday that a dog belonging to them had turned up at a Kentucky animal shelter, their first thought was that the shelter had the wrong number.

“I wasn’t even going to call them back,” Brad said.

But the couple had just gotten back from a vacation in Kentucky, where their 5-year-old son, Max, competed in BMX racing, on Monday. The Davises thought perhaps a friend’s dog got left behind and some sort of mix-up led the shelter to contact them. When Brad called back, an employee at the Estill County Animal Shelter explained that when a wand was waved over the dog to check if he had a microchip implanted, The Davises’ contact information showed up.

Word up, that’s why I believe in implaning this device in humans after birth. It’s a strange thing, and the government might track you, but hey, live by the gun, die by the gun. Good citizens don’t fear prosecution. Think of all the money spent to track and locate humans for all kinds of things – Runaways, abductions, kidnappings, fugitives, etc…But, I think I will leave it at that. This is a subject I don’t really want to touch on. I will be long gone before they require implanting our babies, as a mandatory.