It’s confirmed, your dog actually knows what you are saying to him/her. New study shows “that the brain mechanisms involved in the process of understanding human speech are similar in dogs and humans,” according to study co-author Attila Andics, a neuroscientist at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. “This means that the brain mechanisms involved in understanding human speech are not unique to humans,” he told Live Science.

Dogs understand what you are saying by both words and intonation, the same way you would use your voice to speak to someone you are happy with as opposed to someone you are angry with.

In the research done, 13 dogs were studied. The researchers measured the dogs’ brain activity with a brain scanner while the dogs listened to recordings of their trainers speaking different combinations of words and intonations.

The researchers found that the dogs paid attention to both the words and intonation when trying to understand human speech, just as humans do when they try to understand human speech. “This finding means that dogs may understand both the words and the intonation that humans use when they talk to dogs,” the researchers said.

So next time someone looks at you like your crazy for having an entire conversation with your dog, the jokes on them because we all know your dog knows exactly what your babbling about!