OCTOBER 13-As a massive booze-fueled teen party raged in their sprawling waterfront mansion, a Florida couple locked themselves in the home’s master bedroom–until cops arrived and arrested them early Sunday for allowing minors to imbibe. Cops estimated that there were “approximately 500 minors” inside the Boca Raton home of , whose teenage sons were hosting the homecoming bash for fellow classmates at the private American Heritage School. Responding to a noise disturbance call, police found “approximately 100 minors drinking outside the residence,” music blaring from the home, and “five juveniles vomiting outside” the $10 million residence. As Officer Richard Guberman approached the home, he saw “four female juveniles [unconscious] lying on the front lawn.” Inside, Guberman added, he discovered “approximately 500 minors…with the majority of them holding alcoholic beverages in their hands.”… Shlomo Rasabi, after being read a Miranda warning, claimed that, “I didn’t even know all these kids were here, they all brought alcohol into the house.” The 59-year-old added, “It was never supposed to get this big, I was in my room the whole time.” Jeannie Rasabi, 43, told investigators that she had planned the party, but “I was in my room the whole time because my son wanted me to stay there for the evening so he could have the party.” She also claimed, “Everyone brought their alcohol into the house.”…The Rasabis hired three people to work as security/chaperones for about 150 teens who were invited to the party. The couple had wristbands made to be sure only those invited came into the house, their lawyer said.

I don’t get it. What did they do wrong? This is the most ridiculous arrest ever. Not having a huge alcoholic rager at that house is a crime in itself. A multi-million dollar waterfront estate and you aren’t allowed to have a nice quiet, responsibly chaperoned party for your son?  Come on, wristbands, security, valets, sex, drugs and all the booze you can drink?  Like there are three absolute certainties in life:  Death, taxes, and high school kids are going to drink.  They’re going to party, they’re going to puke on a lawn, and they’re going to pass out drunk. That’s what growing up is all about!  Where is the crime here. I just don’t see it!