For the billions and billions that eat McDonalds, check the heat map, you know that you have been caught up in the dreaded ‘McDonalds Menu Switchover’! It is always devastating news to have your heart and clogged arteries set on breakfast only to find out that you now have to eat a quarter pounder at 10:30 in the morning, cuz it’s lunch on McDonalds time b*tch.

If you are pulling the all nighter after a bender of Peppermint Schnapps and ‘bath salts’ you may have shown up at 3AM set on those disgusting faux ‘chicken nuggets’ only to be told that you are gonna have to settle on hash browns and egg McMuffins.

Although these are unfortunate events, neither is a reason to blow a f*cking gasket over. Someone should have told this to Shanaya Edgell.

Edgell arrived early morning at a McDonald’s in Janesville, Wisconsin, and was expecting to order from the lunch / dinner menu. The problem was, that McDonalds made the switch.

Needless to say, this enraged Edgell, according to Janesville Police, since she wanted a cheeseburger.

In her rage over getting caught up in the switch, the 22-year-old, Edgell turned on her boyfriend, Darrell Page, biting him on the arm and tearing off his shirt like a wild animal who was denied cheeseburgers. Page told police, that Edgell “wanted a burger from McDonald’s,” so they drove there, only to discover that the drive-thru window “had stopped serving hamburgers and was now only serving breakfast.”

After driving away, Edgell apparently changed her mind, and directed Page to “return to McDonald’s so that she could get breakfast,” according to a misdemeanor criminal complaint filed in Circuit Court. At this point, Edgell allegedly began striking Page in the face and biting his right arm. Page also told police that when he pulled his car over during the assault, Edgell got out of the vehicle and climbed atop the hood to keep him from leaving.

During questioning, Edgell confirmed that she became “upset” after discovering that McDonald’s had “switched over to the breakfast menu and…she wanted to order food off the regular menu.” She reported “freaking out over this,” adding that Page was trying to calm her down over the matter of the unavailable cheeseburgers.

When a cop asked why he had spotted her on the car’s roof, Edgell answered, “because I was acting crazy.” After dismounting from the vehicle, Edgell was arrested for disorderly conduct.