PANAMA CITY BEACH — When police arrested Jennifer Rush on Saturday afternoon as she walked along the beach wearing only a ragged wet T-shirt, it wasn’t their first run-in with the apparently drunk and nearly naked woman. This year alone, police have arrested 23-year-old Rush for “exposing her breasts and rear end” to bowling alley patrons, boarding a charter bus loaded with BP contract workers and “exposing her breasts,” and “exposing her vaginal area to several bystanders … including a child” as she lay on a bench in front of a bar, according to police reports. Local law enforcement agencies have generated nearly 50 reports on their dealings with Rush, which have resulted in more than a dozen convictions for charges — all misdemeanors — ranging from disorderly intoxication and disorderly conduct to public nudity and indecent exposure. In four years of reports, police only once listed an occupation for Rush: as a dancer at a topless bar. She gives her parents’ address on each report, although she sometimes tells police she’s staying with friends in Panama City Beach. State Attorney Glenn Hess, a former circuit judge, said he’d like to stop the cycle of “just rolling (Rush) through the system” and to get her help with a sentence that includes more than just fines and jail time. In the latest arrest, deputies reported that Rush’s “breasts, buttocks and genitalia” were clearly visible through the holey white T-shirt, “which was basically transparent.”

You know what gets me about this article? The fact that she has been busted for indecent exposure numerous times. It’s Panama City beach for crying out loud. Every spring, one hundred thousand kids flock to the beaches dressed in nothing but dental floss, and you are telling me she can’t show a little nip every once in a while? You’d think after a while they’d just leave this chick alone right? I mean you tell me what’s worse. Rolling this crazy broad through the court system for the 50th time on the taxpayer’s dime or turning your head the other way for a few seconds while she walks by with her breasts, buttocks, and genitalia exposed?

Now I have two questions for this chick, then you can take her to jail. One, were you ever a resident of the Paradise Lakes nudist colony? Two, have you ever considered drinking with your clothes on?

We all drink, hell, I drink naked in my house. But if I know I’m going to get rip roaring drunk and possibly go for a nice drunken stroll on Panama City beach, I would think to have clothes on prior to pounding 10 shots of Jack.