Fox News – A buxom Playboy centerfold tried to bust out — midair — from a jet yesterday amid a bad case of high anxiety. Sexy 21-year-old model Tiffany Livingston was aboard JetBlue Flight 522 from Orlando, Fla., to Newark when she bolted from her seat and tried to open the door of the plane, a law-enforcement official said. “She said she’s gone through this before, but never this bad, and didn’t have . . . her medication,” one source said. Livingston was detained and placed in federal custody, with charges pending, last night. Last year, Livingston, a 5-foot-6 brunette from Merrimac, RI, was featured as the centerfold for the debut edition of VIP, the Singapore version of Playboy, in which she was described as “not just another pretty face. “Tiffany boasts the immaculate poise of a mature model wrapped with a bubbly demeanor,” the profile said.

Allllllrighty then. Steven Slater just got his libido functioning again. I’m sure after this, he is right back to vodka and rim jobs. This story dwarfs his by a mile. At least his plane was on the ground.

Man, rough month for Jet Blue though, huh? Super models forgetting to take their Zanny Bars, disgruntled employees grabbin’ beers and sliding down the rescue shoot, rough landings injuring customers. They are just hexed this month, ehh? Kinda like what happened in that one episode of The Brady Bunch where Greg finds the tiki God necklace then practically dies while surfing. No? OK. I’m stoned. I can’t type when I’m stoned. Fuck it. Time to go throw one in the old lady…Oh shit, I don’t even have an old lady. Looks like another soft core night on skin-a-max…