You got a give credit to Tina Marie Arie and Howard Windham. these two have pulled off the unthinkable.

The Texas duo were arrested on drug charges last after a cop was summoned to a Whataburger, where a male acquaintance of Arie and Windham was passed out, presumably from dope.

Arie, 44, who admitted providing the unconscious man with Hydrocodone, was arrested for delivery of a controlled substance. Windham, 30, was busted on  possession of the painkiller Soma. The pair was cuffed and stuffed into a  squad car for the trip to booking.

But you know how pill heads can be…they are always horny!

According to a spokesperson for Montgomery County Constable Precinct 4. When the arresting officer looked in his rear view mirror, he “could no longer see Tina Arie,” who explained when asked, that she was resting her head in Windham’s lap because she was “tired.”

Suspicious of the claim, the officer pulled over to further investigate. He discovered that, “despite being handcuffed behind their backs,” the pair were engaged in a sexual act. Windham’s jeans were undone, and the officer put it in the most scientific terms, that “Arie was servicing his exposed genitalia.”

This Tina Marie is some pro.

It is unclear how Windham’s jeans were unfastened–or whether teeth were somehow involved. A spokesperson said she was unaware whether the jeans were of the zipper or button-fly variety. Which brings me to the thought, if those genes were button-fly, than Howard better marry her the minute they get bailed out.

The ‘head’ abruptly ended when the officer “ordered them to cease sexual contact.” Though Arie and Windham could have faced an additional public indecency charge, they apparently caught a break when investigators opted not to tack on a misdemeanor count to the more serious felony narcotics charges. Now those are some cool ass cops. Where are those officers at in South Florida?