Birmingham, Alabama

James Edward Corbitt, a former part-time football and basketball coach at Hoover middle school was charged with distributing and receiving child porn online and secretly videotaping two young boys.

The FBI arrested Corbitt on charges of receiving and possessing child pornography after authorities found multiple images of child porn on his computer.

Corbitt is scheduled to go before the U.S. District court to enter the plea of guilty to four criminal counts — receiving, distributing and possessing child pornography.

Corbitt recently entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Under the agreement, Corbitt admits that the allegations by prosecutors were indeed correct. Corbitt also admits in the agreement to receiving, possessing and distributing large quantities of child pornography through a computer file sharing program on his home computer. An examination of that computer by the FBI, found more than 20,000 images of child pornography!

The more disturbing news, is according to the plea agreement Corbitt also admits to secretly filming two minor males entering and exiting the shower at his apartment using a hidden pen camera. (Ummm…what the hell were these boys doing taking a shower at the coaches house?)

The videos were then uploaded and added to his shared folder on the file sharing network.

Corbitt coached from season-to-season at Bumpus Middle School. His last coaching position there ended in February, school officials have said.

Under the plea agreement for a recommendation for a lower prison sentence, Corbitt must:
— Forfeit his computer equipment.
— Be on supervised release for life.
— Register as a sex offender.
— Have no contact with children, except his own children, if he has any, without the presence of an adult and with the pre-approval of a probation officer.
— Complete a sex offender evaluation, which may include periodic psychological, polygraph, and other tests.
— Complete a state-certified sex offender program.
— Not use any computer or any other device with internet access without pre-approval by the probation officer or as required for employment. If required to use a computer, it must be open for inspection.
— Pay any restitution ordered.

Or just blow his brains out. I mean look at that list of things he has to do. There is very little chance he is going to be able to complete all of this. I’m betting on no!