Noah Smith was arrested Saturday night in South Carolina for burglarizing a local home. When police arrived on the scene they found Noah on the living room floor of the residence, naked with the lights off. Upon noticing the officers he jumped up and rushed police in a wild and erratic manner and was attempting to punch, kick and bite the officers. Officers involved in the struggle said it took pepper spray, batons and eventually a taser to subdue the naked burglar. Smith was then taken to a local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Once at the hospital, doctors discovered a mouse hidden up smiths butt! Hospital workers said they had no idea the patient had something lodged in his rectum they only found it when they went to x-ray him. Smith finally came to in the hospital hours later and he told nurses that he didn’t remember anything about the incident. When his friends were questioned however they shed a little light on the story, saying that Smith was most likely under the influence of mushrooms.