SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local day care owner has been arrested and accused of throwing bleach on a neighborhood popsicle seller, according to authorities. Karen Washington said she had been ripped off by the man, but denied that she had intentionally assaulted him with the harsh chemical. Police said Washington felt the victim had short-changed him weeks ago and decided to take revenge as he rode by her day care on Monday. “During the confrontation, the suspect decided that it was a good idea to go to her car, grab a bottle of bleach and douse the victim with it,” said Sacramento Police spokesperson Konrad von Schoech. “This is a very vicious and unusual way of attacking somebody.” Washington admitted there was bad blood between her and the man, but said the popsicle man appeared out of nowhere and startled her while she had bleach in her hands. “As I’m turning, it wasn’t intentionally, but I got bleach all over him,” Washington said. “I would never ever intend to hurt anybody for revenge, not for no ice cream.”

Look I’m no ice cream saleman like Snokone Joe or Haiku Brad, but I do know one thing. I aint messing with no homless person when they want ice cream.. Here lady, want a bomb pop, how about an Italian ice?  No, ok we got Dora the Exploer cream pops,  take what you want,  here have the keys to the ice cream truck…  I mean, what was the ice cream guy thinking?  At most, a bar of ice cream $2.00 for the customer and $.25 wholesale for the ice cream dude.  Why the hell is he ripping people off. Just straight hustlin peeps int he streets. Offering bomb pops and giving them a frozen lollipop or some shit.

I tell you what. If this bitch tried doing this to Haiku Brad, she would have another thing coming.  Dude loves his ice cream.  He owns an ice cream parlor for Christ sake.  You don’t want to mess Haiku Brad when he’s hopped up on the Vanilla Twist soft serve….