Do you remember Principal Rooney from Ferris Bueller? Maybe you are a real film geek and remember Jeffrey Jones from Howard the Duck or Beetlejuice. Well, your boy is a sick pedophile, sex offender who in 2003, was busted for paying a 14-year-old BOY to pose for sexually explicit photos. As a result, he was forced to annually register as a sex offender after being arrested.

Jones celebrated his 64th birthday on Tuesday by going to court for yet another charge in his seemingly endless sex offender case. Jones pled guilty to the charge of failing to update his sex offender registration. The actor took a day off last year when he was supposed to update his sex offender registration and was subsequently arrested.

After pleading guilty to blowing off his obligation, Jones was sentenced to three years formal probation and 250 hours of community service in a roadside cleanup program.

I don’t know how this guy avoided prison. He can’t possibly have too much money to buy his way out, and I really doubt he carries any celebrity that a judge would be starstruck by. In other words, keep your kids in the house if Rooney is outside watering his gardenias!

We should make Rooney have to admit his pedophilia the same way Larry Kliest did on Mr. Show