Hello You Crazy Bastard

Some people lose it when the economy is bad. Some lose it when their love life is down the tubes. Some completely lose it when when their favorite “Dancing With The Stars” performer gets ousted because of that God damned Bristol Palin! GAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

That’s apparently what today’s daily lunatic Steven Cowan did after shooting up his TV because he was so pissed off after Palin’s performance last night. I mean ┬áhe looks like a diehard fan and all, but that’s going a little extreme.

A SWAT team surround Cowan in his Wisconsin home after his wife narrowly escaped and contacted authorities. After hours of arguing that Palin was only on the show because of her famous mother, (no shit genius), Cowan surrendered without resistance.

The 67 year old super fan is being charged with 2nd degree reckless endangerment and is looking at a maximum of ten years in the slammer. We all know what they do to DWTS fans in prison don’t we?