– A U.S. Postal Service carrier has been charged with selling drugs, sometimes while on duty, U.S. Attorney William J. Hochul announced Wednesday.

Salvatore Bagarozzi, 44, of the Town of Tonawanda, was arrested and charged Wednesday morning with unlawful trafficking of cocaine, crack and marijuana. The charges carry a maximum of 20 years in prison or a $1 million fine. Police departments from the Town of Tonawanda and Cheektowaga also assisted. Bagarozzi surrendered to Tonawanda police on charges of aggravated harassment last August, arrest records show.

Some of Bagarozzi’s drug trafficking activity occurred while he was on duty as a letter carrier, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Mary C. Baumgarten, who is handling the case. The investigation culminated in the execution of a search warrant at his residence in the town, resulting in the seizure of cocaine, crack and marijuana.  The criminal charges were the culmination of an investigation on the part of Task Force Agents and Special Agents of the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, under the direction of Charles Tomaszewski, and Special Agents from the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General, acting under the direction of Special Agent in Charge Elizabeth Farcht.

And another cracker off the street. This goes to show you just how bad the economy is right now. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why this guy needed a second job delivering mail if he already had a full time job selling crack?! Like, WTF, don’t take all the jobs man…A lot of people are out of work and you are here being all like, “Well, I can save for my 401K while also doing what I love, and that’s manufacture and sell crack cocaine!”

What a douche. Not only is selling drugs very dangerous, you did it as a UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE employee. All I ever hear is stuff like, “tampering with mail is a federal offense”, “don’t put M-80s in mailboxes; it’s a federal offense”, “don’t sick your dog on the mailman; it’s a federal offense…” This fuckin’ guy goes and uses the government for his front…Stupidity level, hmm…about a 10.