Dj Rocc — Our in house mix tape master, has this week’s Hip-Hop and R&B reviews for you. Making the list this week is

Chinx – Drugz – Cocaine Riot. (website)

Featuring “Wavy” rythym and background base by French Montana, Rico and Gutta Millz. Secondly is

Prodigy – The Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson EP (website)

Produced by Sid Roams, The Alchemist, and King Benny. The beats sound tight and professional. Overlays, by Havoc….
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 Dj Rocc’s Weekly MIXtape review !! This weeks NUMBER 1 mixtape goes to Chinx Drugz – Cocaine Riot !!!! Chinx Drugs of (Riot Squad & Coke Boyz) isnt my favorite rapper,aint the most lyrical emcee, but he put together a certified banger, this joint is ~WAVY~ !!!! With tracks such as “How it goes” f/ Riot Squad and “Posted UP” f/ FRENCH MONTANA !!!! Also, Check out “Coke Boy Knot” also featuring FRENCH MONTANA , this is my favorite song on the whole mixtape !!! word, shout outs French Montana, Chinx Drugz, Just Soprano, and of course, MAX B !!! Chinx Drugz – Cocaine Riot has been DJ ROCC tested and approved!!!!

Dj Rocc Weekly mixtape review : This weeks number 2 MIXtape goes to Prodigy , recently released from the NYS correctional system , he aint lost his touch, for real, !!! This is a certified BANGER , and i suggest you go to and download this or listen to this as soon as possible. Mobb Deep ROCC’s !!!! Check out tracks such as : For one night only , and Twilight f/ havoc and produced by havoc, there are more good tracks, you be the judge!!!! Prodigy-The Bumpy Johnson EP is an aboslute MUST HAVE !!! DJ Rocc teated and APPROVED!!!!