Why yes he did. Ahhh, afternoon on Wednesday.. Straight playing 18 holes on Golden, doing a couple blogs, making money selling iPhones from Cl.com and also this. Meeting the CFO from one of my favorite beers, Narragansett LAGER. Yah thats right, they may have searched for the best can in Boston, they may have Halloween locked with the lingerie models, they may have Jenna Marbles.  Er hmm.. BSS.com. Might want to double think about expanding to the Florida area.

But go ahead, repost our email argument about the girl from my Alma matter, RIT.  Show your readers how we fought, how you told me it was comedy gold, how I threatened to sue for defermation. Tell them I am a loser. Tell them how I tried to get some free advertising. Tell them it was extorsion. I dont care what you say. Don’t hold your hand over your mouth.

I just can’t wait to do the Search for the Best can a hundred times better than you. In sunny Florida. I can’t wait to invite all the smokeshows from Boston that now live in South Florida. I think I will use the stool as my sales pitch.  Actually,  they are looking to expand so badly in Florida, that they might just sponsor the whole thing, free of charge. Holy shit. Does this mean we are having more fun than you?

I will tell you what. You get your own personal or Barstool Sports Wiki page before we do and I will sing “You are the Sunshine of my Life” when Hong Kong finally reopens.