Why, yes he did.

See, right now I live in South Boston, and I’m a huge fan of what goes on around here. I mean, just last week I bought five sets of unopened JBL Platinuim Computer Speakers valued at $40 retail for $15 a set. Naturally I thought hey, “These will make a great Christmas gift.” However, they came in a white box with no label and just said make and model. So I knew they fell off the back of a truck and I wouldn’t be giving them to my mother for her office computer. So I sold them for $30 a piece and made the utility bill this month.

Just yesterday a kid on the street asked me If I knew where to get any DVD players or PS3s which made me think that this town is still very much involved in organized crime. I love Southie. You never  know what’s coming your way. That’s why I’m sitting on a whole case of vintage mint Playboys (circa 1988-03) for less than $20 right now. Ah, I can’t wait for my friends to come over and check out my new book shelf. The Envy of 8th Street. That’s what they will be calling me.

Stay tuned next week as I get ten cases of the banned product Four Loco and sell them to Sigma Gamma Mu at Boston University for their Christmas party.