In the middle of the historical meeting between President Donald Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, you have former NBA basketball player with the Pistons, Spurs & Bulls and known “bad boy”, Dennis Rodman. Rodman has been a friend to Jong-un and North Korea for some time now. We can discuss another time why and if that is a good thing, but one thing is certain, he is very serious about how he feels about all of this. And for that I respect him.

He truly loves that country and their people. Rodman was asked to be a part of the the historical summit between Trump and Jong-un. Albeit, behind the scenes, Rodman does have a roll. I can tell you now that Shaq or LeBron James were not asked to go. Now, don’t forget that Rodman was once on Trump’s NBC show, The Celebrity Apprentice, so he knows Trump quite well too. And while Rodman seems like an odd choice, he fits the bill.

Rodman went on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” to discuss the summit. He got very emotional as Rodman has been known to do. It was a great TV moment, as it was genuine, real and heartfelt. Even Cuomo played nice as he and Rodman have clashed before. Rodman discussed how he went to former President Obama and got a cold shoulder when it came to his advice and discussions with North Korea.

“Obama didn’t even give me the time of day. I asked him. I said I have something to say from North Korea. He just brushed me off, but that didn’t deter. I kept going back…I kept going back. I showed my loyalty & trustworthy (sic) to this country. I said the door would open. It’s amazing…it’s amazing. When I said those things…..when I said those damn things…..when I went home I got so many death threats. I got so many death threats! I was protecting everything…and I believe in North Korea. And when I went home…I can’t even go home….I had to hide out for 30 days…I couldn’t even go home. But I kept my head up high brother, I knew things were gonna change…I knew it…I was the only one….I never had noone to hear me. But I took those bullets…I took all that..I took everything. Everyone came at me and I’m still standing. Today is a great day for everybody…Singapore…Tokyo…China…everything. Today is a great day…I’m so happy!”

The emotions start at about the five minute mark. You can see that Rodman is serious. You can also see that he is an emotional rollercoaster (like I). Like it or not, Rodman had a hand in this. He may have been a dick on the court, but he is a “softie” in real life. I tip my hat to you Dennis. You have done something that people can only dream of. I believe that peace can and will be achieved in this situation. Thank you Dennis Rodman for helping. You are an American Patriot and one of the best NBA role players of all time.