Dine and dash Dennis Rodman!

Drink and dash?

Dennis Rodman was detained on November 16th by police in Trier, Germany. German authorities say the former NBA rebound machine ran up a 3,400 Euros bar tab (the equivalent of $5,100 U.S.), then tried to charge it to his hotel room and skip out. After leaving the hotel, D-Rod’s limo was pulled over and he was detained by police. Rodman paid the 5k tab, as well as an extra 2k to avoid legal troubles. The South Florida-resident was in Germany for a USA Legends of Basketball tournament. Rodman’s agent, Darren Prince, reportedly said D-Rod denies the charge that he was “skipping out” because the event promoters said they would take care of the cost of the room and incidentals. Prince said Rodman and his group were simply at a party at the hotel, and he doesn’t know why they are trying to stick Rodman with the tab.