Christian Parth’s Denial Events threw the most intoxicating private New Years Eve party in Miami this year to ring in 2017! The party was dubbed Mental Asylum and it had all the theatrics that you would expect from this generous and creative genius! Set atop the W Miami’s open air rooftop nightclub Club Whisper, this party was absolutely insane! Denial Events uses cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of reality, allowing its high-profile guests to fully immerse themselves in a whimsical event adventure! With delicious gourmet food, top shelf cocktails and champagne and over 10 non stop hours of amazing music, Mental Asylum made you question the balance between fantasy and reality! Famous DJs Nervo, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano set the mood while over 40 beautiful dancers and performers, a fire breather, a Tesla coil and a rocket man performed the night away!

Denial Events Nervo


Denial Events private parties help you escape into a fantasy realm with infinite possibilities, a mosaic of entertainment that offers an intoxicating experience that is heightened by the electrifying sensations of retreating into a dream-like world. Denial Events recreates the magic of an extraordinary reality, giving life to the dreams and fantasies of its clientele, leaving guests breathless with memories that last a lifetime. Denial Events offers full theatrical production, designing a waking dream, a transformative event experience where guests are transported to an alternate reality.



The company offers sophistication and innovation, seamlessly executing high-end event development, amplifying levels of energy at luxury events that are hosted by its exclusive clientele around the world. Denial Events awakens the spirit in a realm where dreams and fantasies come true.


Denial Events will leave you breathless!

DENIAL is not about believing in a Reality different than others around you, it’s about making your Reality, your Dream, your Fantasy, COME TRUE…




By special invite only, if you’re not on the list, you need to find a way to get there.
Get admitted into this fantasy world of uniquely inspired concepts! You’ll be glad you did!
Josh Leidolf
Denial Events is a reputable and respected brand operated by Miami’s Christian Parth and Yasmin Coltellacci, a pair that brings more than 20 years of experience, overseeing many local and international luxury events. From event design, to management and full production, the team leverages a high level of energy and event expertise to create unrivaled guest experiences with unique concepts inspired by the wants and desires of its prestigious clientele. No dream is too big for Denial Events!
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