Right when I thought I had heard of every stupid sport in the world, in comes the World Sauna Championship. In this sport the contestants, athletes or idiots–whatever you prefer to call them–sit in a sauna set at 110 degrees Celsius for as long as they can. The contest winner is the last man to exit the sauna. This year’s competition would turn out to be a real fight to the death, as Russian contestant Vladimir Ladyzhensky kicked the bucket trying to wait out new champ Timo Kaukonen. Both the new champ and the victim of this Holocaust style death match were rushed to the hospital with severe burns, where Ladyzhensky later died of his injuries.

The competition’s organizer Ossi Arvela issued this statement, “Everyone was grief stricken”, and “all the rules were followed, and there was enough first aid personnel. All the competitors needed to sign in to the competition with a doctor’s certificate.”

All the rules were followed? How about the common sense rule that says you don’t sit burning in 110 degree wood boxes for extended periods of time. What’s next, who can hold their breath longest? Who can jump of the tallest building? Or wait…how about who wants to wrestle a lion? That would be tight, I’d pay-per-view that sh*t!!!