Making plans for NYE can be quite the daunting task. Living in South Florida boasts a plethora of options, and in the sea of overpriced, celebrity led festivities, it can be difficult to make a decision. When my friends and I heard Denial Events was hosting a private party at the W hotel in Brickell however, the decision was made!! We hadn’t been to one of Christian Parth’s elusive events before, but we had heard they do not disappoint…and let me tell you…it went beyond my wildest party expectations.

It was at this ‘Mental Asylum’ Themed Party I was introduced to Katy, this gorgeous and unique beauty! Katy and I spent a magical night together. She made me feel higher than life. Her unexpected ability to make me smile more, dance more and feel euphoric all night long, was just the start of our affair. Being with Katy made me ultra-relaxed yet heightened my experiences. A sweeping feeling of love and gratitude towards people and life came across me. As NERVO rolled us into 2017, Katy kept on with me. She made the wind on my skin feel more sensual, the music sound clearer, more vibrant, and the lights and costumes more vivid. Conversations were more meaningful and meeting new people was an absolute blast. The energy in the air and the vibe was just right. Literally, she was the perfect date, the only problem was, Katy isn’t a lady. Katy is an organic, all natural, plant based Experience Enhancement Supplement by Limitless Life and I think I might love her.





I know what you’re thinking…a supplement?! Let me tell you, I was on top of the world while on this amazing, healthy alternative to illegal and unsafe drugs. There isn’t really a come up or come down either. It’s like warm positive vibes cruise through you like the wind in the air and intensify as you move and dance. Then, things slowly fade away when the time comes to fall deeply asleep, which for us was after 7am in the morning. I happily awoke without a hangover, amped and ready to take on the world. My mind was blown.

Since Katy detoxifies the brain and body and is non habit-forming, it is actually really good for you and can be used at any time. Use it to enhance your ability to focus, to chill out after a stressful day, or to just increase your experience at your favorite concert, or in our case, the best party of the year. I would even use it as a pre-workout, before a sporting event or before anything that might get my blood pumping. I am a 200lb man and I only took one pill. For the best results, they suggest you take it on an empty stomach ( an hour after eating) with an omega 3 fish oil or other fat based product to help with bodily absorption and wait about 30-45 minutes for your experience to begin. I know dancing to an amazing DJ lineup, watching amazing dancers, aerialists and performers would have been a night to remember, but with Katy it was one of the best nights of my life. Limitless Life is onto something big here! I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it! If you haven’t met Katy I think it’s time you do. Enjoy the ride!

-Josh Leidolf, Review Writer, The South Florida Chronicle