For anyone who hasn’t yet ventured into Fort Lauderdale’s newest, and in this writer’s admittedly less-than-humble opinion, best Asian Fusion experience, be warned: Dapur. Will. Blow. You. Away.

 The entire staff seems from the moment you enter determined to make your experience the best it can be. Located at 1620 N. Federal Highway, proprietor Edi Mulyanto has created an exotic and chill atmosphere in which to cater to your every Far East culinary whim. Boasting some of South Florida’s top talent – Almunir and Sushi Chef Naing Maung,  pictured center below,  all of whose creations are nothing short of works of art, they aim, with an impressive menu and weekly specials, to keep the dining experience fresh each and every time you visit.

Speaking of fresh, Dapur is cultivating an entire organic garden on their premises to ensure the chefs have at their disposal the highest quality herbs and ingredients with which to work their magic.

On the Plate: we had the Beef Tataki which less civilized diners might have brawled over. A Yellowtail special in a sauce I have no adjectives to describe, topped with micro-cilantro and diced onions, that was on the table less than a micro-minute before it had mysteriously vanished. Seriously – and I mean the gross indecency of such an act was little deterrent – considered licking the plate. The Hot Tower (pictured) was so visually appealing it was almost a shame to topple it with our chopsticks. Almost. Six such tapas wonders we devoured, and a tuna roll as well, and by the end there was stunned silence, and those knowing grins that only people who have been fed so well, and felt so much gratitude to the providers of such a feast, could know.  

Oh – and when you’re done eating, they make the most ridiculous cocktails with those same fresh ingredients – berries, fruit, and herbs growing right there on the bar – that you might want to settle in for an evening.