Cash me outside this plane!

Once again the girl who made the words “cash me outside” famous is at it again.

Danielle Bregoli has been banned for life from Spirit airlines.

According to reports Bregoli, her mom Ann Peskowitz, and another female passenger were involved in the altercation. Peskowitz who was wearing a cast was having trouble putting her luggage in the overhead compartment on the airplane. The unidentified passenger felt as if Peskowitz was taking to much time.

Peskowitz starts yelling at the passenger when Bregoli gets involved. Bregoli started yelling at the woman. The passenger then lunges out of her seat at Bergoli, as this goes on  Peskowitz grabs the woman by her throat screaming at her to not touch her daughter.

It was later learned that all three woman were banned from the airline.