Cultural appropriation is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture. The snowflake left made this term popular today. This is because everybody has this new incessant need to be a victim. So welcome to your new victimhood. Enjoy it!

Halloween costumes are the forefront of the cultural appropriation hype. You are clearly being disparaging and condescending and mean by wearing these costumes of a Mariachi band, or the Fighting Irish mascot, or a geisha. Well, if those costumes made you squirm in anger ready to hold a rally and get ANTIFA involved, you are gonna shit your pants with this one. I’m talking to you Linda Sarsour!

When researching the women now being allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia, your precious lefty lovers GOOGLE had an ad placed on my search page for a costume site named PINK QUEEN. Pink Queen was advertising this sexy number. Here you go ladies. When you wanna be super sexy yet still tow the line of Sharia law, I introduce to you, the Arab Black Burka Dress. Libs and Muslims may now commence in their rage!!!

What a perplexing paradox of a costume. So risque. So rule breaking. Who is gonna order one of these for their girlfriend? Well, you should. If for any reason, I get affiliate money for it……LOL…no I don’t.