Pontiff of the Church of Child Molestation, Pope Benedict XVI

The world first got word of the Catholic Church’s child molestation problem back in Boston in 2002, where the first cases were reported in the United States. However the worst of it didn’t come to light until 2007 in the state of Califorinia.

It was there, in California, that the initial lawsuits were filed against the Catholic Church, and after the dust had settled, more than 500 victims had come forward in California alone. The Catholic Church was forced to settle with the victims to the tune of $660 million dollars.

At that time most people were absolutely horrified by the this behavior from these men of the cloth. However, we all still believed it was a localized problem only happening here in the United States. We had no idea that one day the line of corruption found here would lead us straight to the Vatican doorstep, implicating the Pontiff himself.

Well, open your eyes America because that is exactly what’s happening. The floodgates have been thrust open with new accounts of rape and sexual molestation pouring in by the hundreds from across the globe, all committed by acting Catholic priests.

“It is like a tsunami or an extensive fire,” said Father Andreas Batlogg, editor of the German Jesuit magazine Stimmen der Zeit. “The estimated number of undetected cases seems to be far higher than they yet know.” Yeah, tell us something we didn’t know, Father Obvious.

The Ryan Report just released in Ireland describes more than 380 new cases of sexual abuse in the Irish Diocese alone. In Germany, sadly, the number is already reaching into the thousands. A Bavarian monastery has even just come forward and admitted to accounts of  molestation in heir monastery. The accounts tell the horrific tale of young Catholic students molested while under the care of monks.

As for the United States, there have been more than 5,000 known cases of child molestation by priests of the Catholic Church. Even in a small country like Malta [where the Pope recently visited] there have been 84 reported cases of child molestation.

Numbers like these do not represent a small percentage or an isolated problem. This is a worldwide problem, the likes of which could only be brought about and subsequently covered up by a powerful, worldwide organization. In this case a State made up of an unusually large percentage of child molesters. A State in which the primary interest is self-preservation and the protection of its guilty members rather than the protection of the lives and innocence of children around the world. A State that has paid out 2.5 billion dollars in child molestation settlements, expressed ‘regret’ and ‘shame’, and that has urged ‘healing through prayer’, yet has never turned one single guilty party over to the authorties for prosecution. A State that has moved child molesters from community to community in the name of God, Our Father.

The National Catholic Reporter described the recent scandal as “the largest institutional crisis in centuries, possibly in church history.”

Where does the Pope fit in?

Right in the middle of it all. Pope Benedict XVI was the Archbishop of Munich in the 1970’s where he was made aware of a priest under him who was a child molester. His executive decision? Move the priest to another diocese with no punishment, affording that deviant priest a clear path to molest more children. In other words, he then set the precedent of a standard procedure that would later become a doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Pope Benedict was personally warned about Father Murphy, who invited a school of deaf children from Wisconsin to his church for confession, only instead of hearing their sins, he molested over 200 deaf boys in the church confessional. The boys sought help and informed multiple authorities including priests, police officers and three Archbishops, no one did a thing. One of the Archbishops contacted Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict), stating that the Church needed to step in.

Ratzinger did nothing; Father Murphy, or should I say ‘Mass-Child-Molester’ Murphy, was allowed to continue work and retire. At the time of his death, he was buried with the full honors of priesthood, meaning in no uncertain terms that the Pope, the “personification of Jesus on Earth” was a key player in the protection and aid of a known child molester, making him a criminal of the lowest order.

It is also feared that at the time, our Pontiff was involved in an effort to sweep the story under the carpet so as to not harm the ‘family image’ of the Church. This alone begs the question, shouldn’t Pope Benedict be wanted for questioning, starting with the State Attorney of Wisconsin, is he not guilty of crimes against children or is he in-fact above the law?

Possibly the most damning piece of information about the current Pope stems from 1981, when Pope Benedict was head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the Vatican’s doctrinal enforcement body. Here, he initiated a directive to keep congregational pedophile investigations secret and away from the authorities. The penalty for breaking this code of silence? Excommunication; the harshest penalty the Catholic Church can administer.

There must be some pretty serious crimes the Church didn’t want leaking out to the public in order to have adopted a directive such as this, lobbied into Papal law by none other than Pope Benedict, himself. Bear in mind, the Catholic Church is not just a church, it is the Papal State, and as such, the Pope is like the leader of a European country. As the leader of a country he makes his own law. In this case laws that protect and enable child molesters. Between the Papal State and the Catholic Church, Pope Benedict XVI is the religious and political leader for over a billion people.

This molester friendly law worked perfectly until now– it protected known child molesters from prosecution, created a sanctuary for these sexual predators where no one could even speak of their crimes without risking excommunication, an abrupt and permanent separation from the Mother Church. All priests guilty of child molestation were in essence cloaked in safety, granted clemency, protected on high and allowed to live above the law, maintaining respected positions in the priesthood while their dirty little secrets were kept within the fold. It is for this reason, along with its archaic rules of celibacy and the exclusion of women in clergy that have helped the Church thrive as the haven for child molesters that it is today.

The Vatican insists, of course, that this policy was adopted to protect the innocent. Who are they kidding? All it really did was encourage and protect those involved in the systematic rape and torture of children across the globe. No amount of ‘Our Fathers’ and ‘Hail Marys’ can rectify the horrors these thousands of children have experienced at the hands of those who are supposed to be trusted religious leaders guiding all of us sinners to the Lord.

What is the penance for a Pope who personally moves priests under his control from diocese to diocese to help them avoid prosecution? What reprimands or legal repercussions on local, national and global levels apply to his role in the passing of Papal law to conceal the crimes of molesters from authorities? It has also been reported that Pope Benedict ousted members the Catholic Church who challenged it and openly asserted their belief that the Church should become more modern and transparent, as supported by the findings of the Vatican II (the church council of the 1960’s that advocated broad and widespread reform of the Church), now we know why. With the scandal consuming the church and spreading across the media like wildfire, the Pope has finally spoken out against the “sinful and criminal” abuse of children, saying that the church should do a penance for its sins, meaning that the Church should pray for itself and ask for God’s forgiveness.

He failed to mention, however, anything about punishing diocese leaders who were involved in the protection of and systematic reassignment of known child molesters. How could he? If you think about it he’s just as guilty as they are–it’s almost worse that he turned a blind eye to the mass suffering and abuse of thousands of little lambs of the Lord and instituted the Church policy of nondisclosure that protected the guilty and allowed the abuse to continue on a global scale. There has been a worldwide outcry demanding the immediate resignation of the Pope. Resignation? These men, including Pope Benedict XVI, are criminals of the cloth and they should not be above our laws. They should be prosecuted, convicted and jailed, resignation should just be the beginning.

Now, with the light of illumination shining in all its dark corners, for the first time in history, the Catholic Church has decided to advocate turning over the sexual predators to the authorities. Though to date, not one priest has been turned over. This corruption on the Church’s highest levels shows exactly where the Church stands on this issue; protect the Church, children be damned.