Former Master Counterfeiter Arthur J. Williams Jr turned famous artist has pulled the ultimate American redemption story and now he is turning heads with his art and giving back in a big way to charities around the country! Artie for short, was the notorious Chicago gangster who produced an estimated $10 million dollars worth of the supposedly impossible to counterfeit 1996 hundred-dollar bills. He was later caught, sentenced and eventually did six and a half years in Federal Prison after he refused to give the Feds any information on any other parties related.

While in prison the most interesting thing happened, Artie took an art class and even began to read books from the legendary master artists of the Renaissance like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. His meticulous hardworking efforts along side his natural artistic talent ensured that he would surely be one of the greats as well! Artie’s love for once printing money turned into a new love for painting money instead. After prison he went completely legit and is now producing extremely valuable art for celebrities and collectors all over the world. With the help of God and loved ones, Artie turned his life completely around and is now producing more art than ever to aid and assist those less fortunate.

As a poor kid growing up in the projects of Chicago, Artie knows what it is like to have very little. That is why he has been donating his art to be auctioned off at private events across the country since his newfound artistic fame has been revealed. For example, recently in Miami, Benson Connex‘s Founder, Chicago native and Artie’s Event Coordinator, Joe Benson, set up a private charity crypto art auction to sell Artie’s artwork at an elaborate facility through either cash, credit or for one of the first times in history cryptocurrencies. A large sum of money for a very unique, one-of-a-kind Ripple Crypto piece went to the The Windy City based charity I Grow Chicago on January 20th. I Grow Chicago, similar to Artie’s turnaround story of redemption, is a reclaimed house operated by former gang members and ex-cons as a sanctuary against the violence in Chicago for all ages. Joe Benson says, “When Artie and I first met we had amazing synergy, I saw his true potential and wanted to help him with his new career. We discussed our love for helping the less fortunate, so we decided to host a Crypto meet up that was driven with a purpose to help people of all walks and ages. Artie was all about it! We were able to successfully donate a substantial amount of capital this weekend not only to I Grow Chicago, but also to kids in need and help turn live’s around just as Artie has turned his around! The team and I are very proud of him and like minded individuals that have made the conscious effort to develop the mindset to accomplish anything.”


The Artie and Benson connection never disappoint! They also recently sponsored After-School All-Star’s annual All-In For All-Stars Private Charity Poker Tournament and Auction at Nobu in Miami Beach. All-In For All-Stars is a very special sports program charity helping children. At the event Artie and the team had the opportunity to sell some art, help some kids and meet some former international NBA superstars like Ray Allen and Alonzo Mourning who both showed interest in his artwork. Artie doesn’t just stop there! He is currently headed to Las Vegas this weekend to present a few pieces of art to Muhammad Ali’s daughterRasheda Ali, all in efforts to raise money and awareness to finally tackle Parkinson’s through the famous Muhammad Ali Parkinson Research Center and Parkinson Foundation.


Artie’s art is selling for big money right now too. He is getting five to six figures for individual pieces and even a well-known International art collector and enthusiast billionaire, who wishes to remain anonymous, is buying up dozens of Artie’s pieces and having this to say about it, “I believe in Arthur, his passion and his artwork. I have been investing heavily in the art community for decades now and I just know that Artie is going to be the next big thing!”


Artie isn’t doing this for the money either. He’s doing it for the people and for the ride! Artie humbly says, “God showed me a path that I need to walk down. In every city that I visit I want to do something to  raise money for charity.” He is a true inspiration and one heck of a model American and professional artist! Even the Secret Service who put him away would be proud of his efforts and accomplishments.

A true redemption story at its very best! “Everybody loves a good comeback story and Artie is the epitome of that American comeback story,” says Artie’s Manager and Chicago Businessman Mr. Frankie Girolamo. “It’s amazing to be a part of this. Something that I’ve been so faithful about and this team came together almost by fate to attach themselves to this dream and embrace it like it’s their own and make the dream come true,” says Mr. Petey Meyers another one of Artie’s Managers and Business Partners.

Although taught by the best, sometimes utilizing up to 150 layers of oil like Da Vinci did, Artie’s art is actually becoming more advanced and evolved still. He is using very expensive and vibrant translucent paints and even inks that disappear and then as if like magic reappear under certain lighting. He also is now becoming more famous for painting faces on top of faces Like Frank Sinatra or the Bitcoin Logo over Benjamin Franklin‘s face, or Scarface Tony Montana‘s face painted over Scarface Al Capone‘s face trapped in a big face hundred-dollar bill or one of my personal favorites, the Albert Einstein over George Washington in the United States one dollar bill with all of the complex formulas around it. Some of Artie’s pieces also have hidden meanings and secret symbology behind them so be on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary within his works. I, along with his associates and fans are all very excited about what the future holds for this amazing artist and even better guy!



Even though Paramount Pictures owns the rights to the first half of his life’s tale up until prison, they will eventually most likely make a movie. Serious inquiries may be accepted to purchase those rights and the second half of his life as well to make a major motion film to tag along side his already noted fame. I truthfully believe Artie’s story is Hollywood’s Best Untold Tale! Artie and his story have been featured in Time, Rolling Stone Magazine, Vice, Forbes, Gizmodo, IMDB and even on American Greed. His life is also documented in a novel called The Art of Making Money: The Story of a Master Counterfeiter, which was named one of the best books of 2009 by The Washington Post. Artie is even an author himself, penning the smash hit fantasy novel Cain’s Dagger currently found on

The Secret Service had a field day trying to track down this brilliant and resourceful modern-day Mob boss turned God-fearing, upstanding and charitable professional artist!

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Enjoy this living legend’s one of a kind type of special, secretive, meaningful and heartfelt art,

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