There is a church in Gainesville, Florida (home of your good ole’ Florida Gaydurs). The church is called the Dove World Outreach Center. The only reason anyone gives a shit about this two-bit, hillbilly, snake-dancing church is because its pastor, Terry Jones, has made serious international headlines with his September 11 (9/11) “Burn a Koran Day”.

This moron is already inciting Muslims in the Middle East to react to the planned burning. They are rallying in the streets and burning the pastors picture in effigy. Things will get A LOT worse if he goes through with his plan. There is talk that the Taliban plans to use it to rally terror support. General David Petraeus has taken to the media basically saying that this would seriously put troops in danger as the reaction in the Middle East to Korans being burned will incite situations that could be deadly.

CBS has investigated Terry Jones and his “church”. He reeks. He has a phony doctorate. He is skimming church funds. And when questioned about the mission statement of his controversial church, he couldn’t provide one. He is a moron! But all eyes are on him, and he knows this stunt is doing exactly that. Protesters are all over against this guy.

When asked about what he thought would happen to troops if he proceeded with the burning, Jones was cool with the fact that some may die from the “blowback” of his actions. He felt that he has to be the one to stand up against Islam. So he could “stop it”. I presume from expanding to another billion people?!?!

On the road leading up to the church are a series of signs that read, “Islam is of the Devil.” He also has a book of the same title he is peddling.

So, should this all be an issue? Should he be allowed as this is a free speech issue? He hasn’t gotten his burn permit approved yet. I wonder if that is gonna stop him? All the signs point to a book burning though. There is panel truck full of wood on the church’s 20-acre campus, as well as a clearing set aside for the fire pit. The Facebook page has more 8,000 members.