How was that Grey Goose, oh sorry I meant McCormick! Turns out the lead we had been given about Off The Hookah Fort Lauderdale being shut down for underage drinking was false. After receiving the lead we contacted the good people over at the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and they have just gotten back to us. Truth be told it wasn’t underage drinking at all, it was much worse.

Off The Hookah in Riverfront Fort Lauderdale was shut down for “refilling” an industry term for taking cheap well liquor and pouring into top shelf bottles to increase profits. Essentially ripping off its patrons.

We also found out that even though Ehab tells everyone he is the owner of the club it is really owned by a family member whom we will not mention here because he is probably an innocent victim, well as innocent a victim as a guy can be who owns a club that sells fake booze. After talking with Hookah staff members we figured there was more to the story because no one wanted to come forward and give us a statement about the underage drinking. Now we know why, the club has been ripping off its patrons.

The infraction came with a 6 day suspension and a $2,500 fine, which lets face it, is peanuts compared to the money the club has made ripping off the people of Fort Lauderdale by selling us cheap liquor at premium prices. Not to mention he has multiple Off The Hookah locations, dare we assume this is going on at the other establishments as well?  Makes you angry doesn’t it? It should, you work hard for your money, and there is nothing worse than getting scammed out of your hard-earned dollar so some rich guy can buy an extra luxury car.

Below you will see the undeniable proof that Hookah has been scamming Fort Lauderdale bar goers in the form of a letter mailed to me from the Deputy Communications Director at the Florida Department Of Business and Professional Regulation. Inside it states, Off The Hookah was busted for a violation of FSS 565.11 (refilling) ie refilling up premium booze bottles with their cheaper counter parts to increase profits. Kinda makes you want to head across the street to The Brick where you actually get what you pay for doesn’t it? Special thanks to our friends who are working hard up there in Tallahassee. We appreciate your diligence in getting back to us.


Off the Hookah in Fort Lauderdale had an administrative case filed against them for violation of FSS 565.11 (refilling) – an AB&T violation. There was a $2500 fine along with a 6 day bifurcated license suspension, June 12-15 and June 19-22. The licensee paid their fine and has served their suspension.

Thanks and have a great day!

****** *******, Deputy Communications Director

Department of Business and Professional Regulation

1940 North Monroe St.

Tallahassee, FL 32399-2208