The mayor of Coral Gables is actively speaking out on the threat that Coral Gables could be underwater if nothing is done to change this. Coral Gables, a community with real estate properties amounting to almost three billion worth of property values could be a threat from flooding caused by sea level rising. Mayor Jim Carson says the biggest problem is that people don’t want to talk about the climate change or they don’t want to acknowlege that the climate change is rising the sea levels which will in turn cause serious flooding.

“You would think the Republican Party would look at this as a terrific business opportunity. There’s going to be billions and billions spent trying to hold back the seas and maintain the quality of life here,” he said.  “So to say ‘I don’t want to talk about it’ or ‘It doesn’t exist’ is irresponsible.”

Mayor Carson said that he has not seen any support from governor Scott on this issue, so Cason is talking loudly, making speeches, holding hearings and setting sustainability goals. He even drives an electric car. He praises Miami Beach Mayor Philip Levine, who’s invested millions in pumps to help his flood prone city in the short term, while a longer term solution is figured out.

“He’s doing what the rest of South Florida will be doing at some point, which is mitigation, to gain time before the inevitable,” Cason said. Mayor Cason says one advantage Coral Gables has is that there’s no more room for development. The city is maxed out.