A cop went above and beyond the call of duty after he freed a suspect from a burning car. The officers in Forth Worth, Texas responded to a burglary call. While the suspects were leaving the house they had just robbed, they were pointing guns at the people outside the home. The police immediately spotted the three suspects as they tried to flee in a car. The suspects were traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, when the car they were using was t-boned by another car when they ran a red light.
One of the suspects tried to escape on foot, another suspect was pulled out from the backseat and arrested. The final suspect was unconscious in the front seat. As they were trying to get the suspect out, the engine caught fire.

“Disregarding, the fact that a gun was involved, an officer went into the car from the driver’s side, reached over and freed the unconscious person’s legs, then pulled the person out from the passenger side,” said Sgt. Marc Povero of Forth Worth, Texas.

“They disregarded their own safety to rescue a suspect in a robbery, which proves that officers value life, no matter if it’s an upstanding citizen or someone that’s been accused of a crime,” he added. “These officers respect life, no matter who it is.”

The driver was arrested for evading arrest/detention in a vehicle, Povero said. The robbery case is still under investigation.