This cop is basically trying to punk this guy into submission at gun point.

The only problem is that the cop had zero, absolutely zero, reason to be in fear for his life. So he had no logical reason to pull the gun out in the first place. Then after he pulls the gun out, the cop has zero training on how to defuse the situation, and is basically stuck there having to decide whether or not to shoot this poor guy, or to keep standing there like and idiot for almost ten minutes.

Obviously from this inside view we can see how a lot of these police shootings unfold. Luckily this cop did the right thing. But you could easily see how a bigger douche of a cop would have just shot this guy out of frustration. It literally happens all the time, and it doesn’t look like these types of shootings/police abuses of power are going to stop happening anytime soon. Long story short this video clearly shows that cops are not properly trained to handle these weapons or handle these real life situations. So be careful in the streets people! [ Washington Post ] [ Young Turks ]