I’m sure you guys remember our favorite Rep. from Oregon David Wu. Wu was the congressman described as “a drunken madman” by his staff members before they all walked out on him. Right after that, Wu backed up that suspicion by being accused of “aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior” by a girl just out of high school. Needless to say Wu was amidst a wee bit of Congressional controversy, hence his early resignation. Oh yeah, Wu also liked to dress up like Tiger from Winnie The Pooh, see below.

Sidenote: What the f*ck is up with congress members? These guys do the dumbest sh*t I have ever seen. I’m just wondering how the hell these people make it to Congress in the first place? Did they just play it real cool all the way till they got elected? Than Bang! Out comes the weirdo? You would think maybe one of them would put their dick away for a split second and raise the debt ceiling, but no. This shit is so childish, these are elected officials. They needed to do their damn job already, and if John Boehner cant get the Tea Party in line he’s a total pussy, just saying. [Gawker]