Ahhhh late night television.  Where either retired senior citizens get their same ol’ tired, mind numbingly, dull shtick out of Jay Leno, or youth is served with Conan O’Brien’s brand of over the top physical comedic gestures and relevant humor of today.  You can make a strong case for both when it comes to who should be in the coveted 11:35 time slot while hosting NBC’s Tonight Show.  Both have their loyal fan base, albeit different demographics, and both have earned their chance to shine.  Now with the news that NBC wants Jay back at 11:35 and  Conan pushed back to 12:05 the S is hitting the fan big-time and NBC is standing directly in front of it. With Jay being NBC’s bitch and all it appears that he is ready to head back to his old position after his prime-time offering bombed epically.  Conan on the other hand is taking it as a slap in the face  and will not be returning after he was given only seven months in the spot light.  Just like with any other situation there are going to be winners and losers, let’s break it down shall we.  Winner- Conan O’Brien Wait a second.  Didn’t you just say that Conan was being bumped for Jay?  That’s right, but in doing so NBC just put the ball in O’Brien’s court.  You see, Conan is owed up to 80 million dollars over the next 4 years on his contract.  Not a bad parting gift if I do say so myself.  He’s already set for life so now all he has to do is buy a mansion, round up his boys, and chill all day with kegs on tap and hookers by their sides.  It’s the perfect retirement gift for the man with money.  This will not get old… EVER.  While that scenario seems a bit unlikely, possible, but unlikely, it appears Conan will  make the switch to another major network to bring this battle head to head.  Fox anyone?  Fox has always been known for it’s edgier style and that should suit Conan just fine.  He can bring back some of his classic characters such as Pimpbot 5000, the Coked-Up Werewolf, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and of course everybody’s favorite, the Masturbating Bear.  Look for Conan to bring his already strong following to Fox while gaining new support along the way as well. Loser- NBC What a way for an already faltering network to shoot itself in the foot.  Whomever is making the decisions over there should be taken out back and and be beaten.  Not only did you alienate the future of Late Night television, you forced him to a rival network which will damn well make sure he has all the ammo to fight this war with.  So tell me why bring Jay Leno back is the answer.  Didn’t his ratings disaster of a show just revel what we’ve all known for years.  Jay Leno is not funny.  His demographic has come and gone.  His elderly fans have lost interest and anyone under the age of 40 thinks he’s a complete tool.  Job well done NBC, job well done indeed. Jury is still out- Jay Leno You know something Jay, your prime time show stunk up the joint so you know what we here at NBC are going to do for you old buddy?  We’re going to give you the Tonight Show back, that’s what!  Now if I was Leno I would do the same thing.  You can’t fault the guy for going back to a cushy situation that he’s already comfortable with.  It’s just like getting back with your ex-girlfriend.  You went out there and had fun with someone new for a while before realizing that it was  a complete disaster.  You tuck your tail between yours legs and go back to what is safe.  Now Leno has pissed off a lot of people with the way he has handled this situation so it will be interesting to see what comes of it. At the very least people are talking about late night TV again.  Time will ultimately tell who the real winner is, all I know is that I’ll be tuning in to watch it all go down.