Boca Raton police thwarted what was to be a Columbine-style campus massacre at Lynn University early Sunday morning when they took 20 year old Daniel Shana into custody. Cops were tipped off after Shana had posted some disturbing comments, courtesy of Facebook, stating that he was going to duplicate the Columbine High School attack.

Shana was apparently upset about his ex-girlfriend finding someone new and posted threats to both her and the new boyfriend who were afraid for their safety. Some of Shana’s posts included “Columbine take 2“, “just registered for my firearms license“, and “just purchased the ruger SR9c 9mm.”

After being reported missing, campus police found Shana and detained him while waiting for Boca police to arrive. Shana went on to explain to officers that he really didn’t plan on hurting anybody and was just sick of people picking on him. He was later shipped to a local mental health facility and is awaiting evaluation.

Upon further investigation of Shana’s computer police discovered internet searches for information on purchasing guns, firearm’s licensing, and multiple video’s on the Columbine attacks. No information was available if any weapons were found at this time. Shana has been since charged with two counts of written threats to kill or do bodily injury and two counts of threats to extortion through written communication, both are considered second-degree felonies here in the state of Florida.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the cops were on the scene to stop what could have been another tragic campus killing, but this idiot clearly isn’t capable of pulling something of this magnitude off. For starters, don’t post on freaking facebook that you’re going to shoot up the school! There’s only about 500 billion people on the book and thousands get arrested daily for posting threats these days. Either way, this dipshit is off the streets and South Florida is a better place to live because of it. While he’s locked up, I’ll be at the beach!