Columbia's Golden attempt to snort a World Cup victory


Bogota, Colombia- Columbia just can’t seem to catch a break in this year’s World Cup action.  

On Saturday, a routine anti-drug check in a mail warehouse at the Bogota international airport led authorities to uncover a 14-inch replica of the World Cup trophy made with 11 kilos of cocaine (that’s 24 pounds to all you mathematically-challenged Americans out there) mixed with acetone or petrol to help retain its shape and make the cocaine mouldable.  

The coke cup was painstakingly etched and painted gold with green stripes at the base to resemble the coveted World Cup trophy. It was found in a box along with some team jerseys headed for a destination in Madrid, Spain. The airport’s anti-drug chief Col. Jose Piedrahita indicated that the poor quality of the gold paint tipped off the investigation.  

No suspects have been identified yet, either in Bogota or at the intended delivery address in Madrid.prma