Having had the unique privilege of being in multiple houses raided by the police (having witnessed my dog being shot in the face by police in one of these instances), I can tell you that this is not only standard procedure but so common that Peta won’t even take calls about cops shooting pets anymore because they get so many. On Feb. 2, 2010, yet another set of civil liberties was violated when police overstepped their bounds in a case in Colombia, MO.

In this particular case the cops raided a man’s house and found nothing except a small amount of Marijuana, a grinder, and a small pipe with resign in it, i.e. exactly the same paraphernalia you have in your house right now. During the raid, the police shot both this man’s dogs, one of which was in a cage. All the while, his two innocent young children were in the home; you call that protect and serve? I call it abuse of power. This is the reality of the war on drugs, and your house could be next…  prma