coldplay1As far as warm summer nights go, Friday May 15th was one of the best. A breeze swept threw the Cruzan Amphitheatre, helping the folks in the cheap seats stay cool as Coldplay took to the stage.

This would prove just a temporary fix as the amphitheatre soon swelled to a capacity crowd. By the third song in – “Clocks” – no one seemed to care as Coldplay delivered a mind-blowing live show on this, the last leg of their Viva La Vida tour. Chris Martin’s vocals sounded great all through the night, as did the rest of the band. If there’s one thing you can say about Coldplay, it’s that they sound the same live as they do in the studio – a rarity in modern music these days. As far as showmanship, Coldplay was top notch. The band played from three different stages, a main stage and two small satellites, one on the lawn. At the mini-stages, Coldplay played just a couple of songs, but it made the whole show for the fans in those sections, especially when the band played out on the lawn. How often does a band give the fans on the lawn some love? It was great; the crowd ate it up, and for once the people who couldn’t afford a front row ticket got a front row show.

The highlight of the show was the live performance of “Yellow.” Giant yellow balloons filled with confetti covered the stage, and confetti shooters shot butterfly-shaped confetti into the crowd. As confetti rained down, singer Chris Martin popped a balloon with his guitar, sending confetti down all over the stage. Coldplay delivered an impeccable performance in 80 degree summer heat (watching the monitors you could see sweat pouring off the band). As if all that wasn’t enough, the band gave out free copies of their new live album, “Left Right Left Right,” to everyone in attendance. On this summer night, Coldplay helped us all Viva La Vida!