cobra kai rebootIf you grew up in the 80’s you were lucky enough to see some excellent films where the underdog wins. Where David beats Goliath. Rocky was one franchise that had this storyline. The other was the 1984 classic, The Karate Kid, starring Ralph Macchio and the now deceased, Pat Morita. As you know the main character, Daniel (Macchio) moves to a new town, starts getting bullied in new town, meets Mr. Miyagi (Morita), gets karate and life training from Miyagi, takes on the bad boys at local karate dojo, and ultimately wins the All Valley Karate Tournament. And he wins it with one of the most iconic scenes in American film history, which was that crane kick to the face of Johnny (the star bad boy of rival karate dojo Cobra Kai).


Fast forward almost 30 years to 2018, and the content creators at YouTube Red, the YouTube streaming service much like Netflix and Hulu, are bringing back Daniel and Johnny in “Cobra Kai”. The series, yes the 10-episode series, will debut on May 2, 2018.┬áThe series revolves around a down-and-out Johnny, who reopens the infamous Cobra Kai dojo. This reignites his rivalry with a now-successful Daniel, who has been struggling to maintain balance in his life without the guidance of his mentor, Mr. Miyagi. The half-hour comedy series will follow the duo addressing demons from their past and present situation surrounding their rivalry.

Check out the trailer here :

There has been a big campaign for the rolling out of the Cobra Kai series. It looks good to me. If you haven’t thought about pulling the trigger on a YouTube Red account, this is the time. It is $9.99 / month. With the service you will receive uninterrupted music, ad-free videos, and more. So even though the Cobra Kai series won’t debut for a month, you have plenty to enjoy on YouTube red while you wait to be crane kicked with this new reboot / sequel.