While the government is x-raying your junk to keep you safe on airplanes it’s really the copilot you have to worry about. Today on a standard commercial flight the 25-year old copilot nearly put the plane in the dirt nose first from 37,000 feet. The co-pilot had tried to adjust his seat while the pilot was in the bathroom and accidentally hit the control column sending the airplane in to a deadly plunge. The co-pilot then panicked and failed to execute the proper procedures to right the aircraft and it began to plummet towards the ground at a terrifying 26 degree angle. Meanwhile the pilot was locked out of the cockpit and was only able to gain access by using an emergency security code. Once in the cockpit the 39-year-old pilot was able to save the aircraft and its passengers by bringing it out of the dive. According to the aviation agency report “the aircraft would have broken apart if the decent continued.”