Pop, pop, pow! Pop, pow!boxer

Left, left, RIGHT! Left, RIGHT!

Punch combinations: the bread and butter of the orthodox Out-Boxer. There are many styles, stances, and approaches to fighting. There are four to modern “gloved” boxing, and each offers a proven technique. Each style has been practiced and trained in the boxing gym for years and years. Each style has been championed. Each, honored by a renowned athlete. The four classic styles of boxing that define fighters are:

  1. The Swarmer
  2. The Out-Boxer
  3. The Slugger
  4. The Boxer-Puncher

The Swarmer is a blur. He strikes with flurries of punches, from close quarters. This approach is intended to overwhelm the opponent with a frenzy. The Swarmer is a nimble, agile athlete, who has reached the apex of physical conditioning. The training involved to maintain this level of fitness is grueling, and often difficult to sustain over a long career. Champions from this discipline include Joe Frazier, Jack Dempsey, and Iron Mike Tyson.

boxer 2The Out-Boxer is the elegance and the artistry. He has mastered form and technique. He is precision, maintaining distance with his long reach. The Out-Boxer is swift, nimble, and difficult to connect with. His punches are not as powerful as others, but he connects often. The Out-Boxer endures. Champions from this discipline include Muhammad Ali and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The Slugger: a brute, a clubber, a bear. He has no grace and no flight. He generally lacks sound mobility, and has difficulty dodging punches. The Slugger is a side of beef with a canon. His punches are slow and deliberate, but when they connect – they are punishing. The Slugger delivers the most powerful punches in the ring. Champions from this discipline include Ruben Carter, George Foreman, and Riddick Bowe.

The Boxer-Puncher is a powerful hybrid of the Slugger & the Out-Boxer, while also flashing aggressive Swarmer-like tendencies. He is a Slugger with finesse. He is an Out-Boxer with power. He is a Swarmer with reach. Champions from this discipline include Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Leonard, Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, and Evander Holyfield.

Nothing better than a good fight! Now reader, which style are you then?