Clown Lives Matter“… has it really come to this? It seems disenfranchised clowns around the country are living in fear of retaliation and violence; after a few reports have spread, over evil clowns attacking and/or scaring people.

"Clown lives matter" march is a real thing... - Video God

And the good clowns won’t have it! They are planning on spreading their message: that not all clowns are that bad… and (I guess) their lives matter!…? The march is on… as clowns in the Tuscan area are going to be hitting the streets on October 15th for a show of peace!

I really can’t believe we’ve reached this point in society.

I would be willing to be there are going to be more people scared to death of clowns if they were to see them swarming their streets in an organized fashion… I know I would…

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