I wanna make love in this club...in this club!!

On Saturday, April 17, backup (bencher) running back Chris Jennings of the Cleveland Browns hooked off on a bouncer at The Velvet Dog: a popular nightclub in the warehouse district of Cleveland. The bouncer refused Chris and his homie due to Chris’ accomplice not meeting with the club’s “dress code”. Despite his buddy’s lackluster attire, Chris tried to go in anyways. That’s when things got hairy. As Jennings was being forcebly restrained, a bouncer jumped in to stop them, and Jennings threw a shot at his jaw. PoPo was ridin’ by and saw the altercation. They arrested Jennings after questioning. The crazy part is he has not been formally charged.

Treez Says: If you aren’t gonna charge the guy, don’t waste his time. It was a tussle and someone got hit. The cops came, all was settled, and you sent the man home. On a side note. This gotta be one hot club to want to get in so bad that you go through all that crap!!!

(I included a link to their website)