In several cities around Libya, forces loyal to Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi have fought back trying to reclaim the cities from anti-government hands. According to Al-Jazeera, the city of Az Zawiyah was able to stave off government forces.

AP Photo

Last night on CNN, Anderson Cooper and several experts reported and speculated that a final intense battle for capital and Qaddafi stronghold Libya would be the culmination of events. Whether military help would be provided from NATO member states was debated.

But what if battles start breaking out in these cities and not just Tripoli? What if things go slower than expected? Will the world’s watchful eyes stay put and warrant such action?

Al-Jazeera also reported humanitarian concerns were growing. The bad security situation makes it difficult for aid organizations to get in and assess casualties.

Rumors have spread that Qaddafi loyalists went into hospitals and murdered those supposed to be opposition.

CNN reported last night that the streets in Tripoli are less active for the most part, due to the extremity of government crackdowns now letting any sort of demonstrations take place whatsoever.

COMMENTARY:  Oh, and Charlie Sheen had an entire hour dedicated to him last night on CNN amidst all this still happening. Don’t lose awareness. Keep talking about this. This is still happening and we can not let these people down. We are to blame if we stop paying attention and trying to understand and help. Please share these stories. Don’t let f*cking Charlie Sheen and Jersey Shore take over our (apparently) feeble minds again just like the stupid inevitable death of Michael Jackson distracted us from the riots in Iran in 2009. For shame on us. Let’s not fail as humans again.